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2023 Art&VR Gallery artworks

Spring Odyssey

Julio Le Parc LAByrinthus

Hekkah, je publie donc je suis

Becoming With

The Jellyfish

Tout ce qui a une forme est irréel

The “OFF”

Art&VR Gallery artists

Juan Le Parc

Artiste numérique, LAByrinthus

Elise Morin

Artiste numérique, Spring Odyssey

Compagnie voix

Artiste numérique, EVE 3.0

Chia-Chi Chiang

Artiste numérique, Tout ce qui a une forme est irréel

Thomas Cheneseau

Artiste numérique, Hekkah, Je publie donc je suis

Cenk Güzelis

Artiste numérique, Becoming With

Anna Pompermaier

Artiste numérique, Becoming With

Mélodie Mousset

Artiste numérique, The Jellyfish

Raphaël Isdant

Artiste numérique, Hekkah, Je publie donc je suis

The OFF 2023

In addition to the ART&VR Gallery, an OFF section in Laval’s old town showcases the area’s artistic diversity by inviting recognized artists, students, researchers and collectives to take over various sites. This dynamic allows emerging projects to be exhibited more freely, accompanying a particular theme, hybridizing different practices and opening the door to artistic exploration. The program also aims to encourage partnerships, by inviting academic, artistic or industrial organizations to take over a site and/or organize events in line with Recto VRso’s values.

Several partner universities

Since the beginning of the Recto VRso festival, several universities have invested Laval’s emblematic sites, such as the Bains-Douches and the Musée Ecole de la Perrine, to present research-creation and digital art to the general public.

This year’s the OFF will take place at Le Quarante, Laval’s new cultural center, and will feature artworks from several schools: Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Université Rennes 2, National Tsing Hua University, Université Catholique de l’Ouest – Angers, etc.

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