Becoming with, encounters in an augmented garden


Artists : Cenk Guzelis & Anna Pompermaier

Sound Design : Eskopan aka Yaman Eris

Technical artist : Burkart Schwaighofer

Co-production : Kilowatt, Bologna

Sponsor : ./studio3, Institute for experimental architecture

The gardens are permanent places of connection and encounter and open the possibility of collective practices of thinking and making. Announcing their artificiality by requiring the introduction of architectural (non-natural) elements, the gardens offer spaces for the creation of a multi-species world.
Becoming-with explores human and non-human encounters in an augmented zone of contact with the garden. It creates a multi-user, multi-sensory extended reality experience in which the human body merges into a fabulous ecology. Becoming-with is a place to slow down, change pace and become entangled in the environment, natural and artificial, digital and physical, welcoming new digital becomings.


Virtual reality installation

Discover the virtual reality work Becoming with every day from Wednesday to Sunday at Espace Mayenne.

Duration: 15 minutes

Number of attendees : 2

Anna Pompermaier (IT, 1991) is a practicing architect, engineer, artist, independent researcher and lecturer at the Institute for Experimental Architecture ./studio3 of Innsbruck University.
In her works, she investigates the influences of immersive technologies on our everyday experiences and interpersonal interactions in the upcoming livable domains. Her designs and immersive hybrid environments are present simultaneously in the virtual and actual, exploring multi-layered materialities, hybrid assemblages, and new relationships between humans and non-humans following the posthuman and new materialism theories.

Cenk Güzelis (TR, 1990) is an Innsbruck based architect, researcher and a new media artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Currently, he is a PhD. Candidate and a University Assistant at the Institute for Experimental Architecture ./studio3 in Innsbruck University. His research projects juxtapose XR technologies with those of spatial design, new media technologies & posthuman theory and seek to extend the disciplinary boundaries of architecture by practicing its assimilation of new media. Departing from an experience of PTSD, the thesis studies Serious Games, Avatars, Companionship, SocialVR & LARP and explores new social norms between humans and nonhuman bodies. Incorporating a theoretical-speculative approach into a series of embodied XR projects, Cenk explores emerging technologically mediated corporealities.