From Saturday 13 to Sunday 14 April, the Recto VRso festival is expanding with a new section called “Xtended”!

An exciting opportunity to dive into exciting and immersive digital adventures. Come and discover a world of interactive entertainment that’s waiting for you!

Experiments presented at the festival

Explore the captivating world of VR cinema with Diversion Cinema at the “Recto VRso” Festival! Immerse yourself in unique immersive experiences and let yourself be guided. This installation will undoubtedly offer you an unforgettable moment where the magic of cinema meets virtual reality. There will be slots available for you to try out this experience!

Two people, one story! Choose texts with a tablet, and experience them in VR while the audience discovers your choices on the big screen. It’s an immersive, collective experience, with a musician on hand to improvise the soundtrack to the story. Become the storyteller of your own adventure!

Why not try your hand at Snap Mirror? Immerse yourself in a world where you can see yourself in a whole new light thanks to a fun selection of filters! Transform yourself into a fantastic creature, try out crazy looks and capture hilarious selfies with your friends or family.

Come and discover the latest innovations in new technologies and the many insights into scientific research produced by Japan’s top universities! These projects (Double Fisheye View by Tokyo Denki University and Glass Harmonica by Tama University) were selected as part of Laval Virtual’s #ReVolution competition.

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