The illusions, somewhere between surprise and wonder, unsettle and amuse. They question our perceptions of everyday reality. It’s between real and virtual illusion, through immersion and interaction, that we explore new artistic forms that can challenge our perceptual habits, and tip us into another conception of the world.


Freud, la dernière hypnose

Freud’s Last Hypnosis is a 360° VR neuro-interactive film, where the viewer’s emotions are captured by EEG sensors, combined with the head-mounted display, and analyzed in terms of emotions. In real time, the viewer’s inner experience modifies the film’s soundtrack and certain visual effects.

The 4 creators


Shiver was born of the desire to pay a VR tribute to the deceptiveness of Magritte’s paintings. Once the headset is switched on, you’ll navigate mischievous illusions and paths of discovery that you thought didn’t exist in the first place. A word of advice: it’s always a question of perspective…



Thanks to his gestures, the spectator is taken on a journey through several worlds with symbolist and surrealist influences. By walking, discovering, touching and dancing, he will interact with the artwork to create a new virtual canvas where vertigo and introspection mingle.



“Levitation” is an artistic device designed to modify certain human cognitive and sensory capacities by immersing viewers in a virtual space where they can practice levitation. Equipped with the OVO headset, designed around a virtual reality helmet and neural sensors, the spectator finds himself in a 3D world that hyper-realistically reconstructs the real space in which he is acting.

Akira Nakayasu

Tentacle Flora

Tentacle Flora is a robotic sculpture inspired by a vision of a colony of sea anemones growing on coral. A shape-memory alloy actuator is used as tentacles, and the top of the actuator lights up by gently mimicking a bioluminescent organism using a full-color LED.

Sandra Paugam, Charles Ayats

The Scream VR

The Scream VR is a sensory documentary that brings Munch’s thoughts and demons to life. This virtual reality experience uses The Scream as its launch pad, exploring the painter’s deepest obsessions in an audiovisual staging of art history’s most famous scream.

Jürgen ROPP


“Login” explores multiple approaches to new modes of interaction and collaboration in the virtual, augmented and real domains. The installation breaks down the boundaries between these technological paths and merges them into an experience designed to give the recipient a unique impression of the underlying technologies.


Sens VR – Sens AR

SENS tells us – without a word – of one man’s journey of initiation. The anonymous wanderer explores a world that is both bare and labyrinthine. All around him, arrows with constantly changing shapes show him the path to follow. His adventure is an invitation to question the unknown and to let go of codes in order to perceive beyond the limits… of a page, an angle or a figment of the imagination.

Louis Cortes and Celia Betourne

Real Virtuality

The initial perception of reality generated by immersion in a scanned environment is gradually called into question by its own alteration. As it deteriorates, the immersion will reveal its artifices, leading the viewer to reconsider the nature of what he or she perceives.

Margherita Bergamo and Daniel Gonzalez

Eve dance in an unplaceable place

Winners 2019 – Laval Virtual Awards
Eve is a girl who makes it possible for the virtual and the real to meet, travelling between dimensions, giving shape to questions. In this encounter, three random users enter Eve’s body and travel through stories thanks to an incarnation, i.e. the experience of virtual reality.


Liquid Matters

While most computer images aim to create a perfect illusion of reality, the Liquid Matters project attempts to reverse this illusionary persistence by producing abstract black and white images using ferrofluids (nanoparticles of ferromagnetic material suspended in a carrier liquid).

Sophie Daste, Eric Hao Nguy


The “Parallèles” project consists of interactive video screens. The parallel is created by the viewer’s interaction with the touch screen. The viewer plays with the video to discover areas of another video, combining the two viewings into a single image. Using an identical film frame, the videos show the assassin from the Assassin’s Creed video game in an imaginary past shown in parallel with a view of the same locations filmed in modern cities, while the viewer’s body replaces the avatar.


Doubles Autres

Doubles autres is a series of interactive paintings, presenting a digital double of an existing person to whom an interactive behaviour is associated in order to present a new type of portrait, where, in addition to using painting as a descriptive tool, we use interaction to present the artist’s unique perception of his model.


HanaHana 花華

Jury’s Special Prize – Laval Virtual Awards
Embodied in a swarm of molecules, the player is the life force in a surreal desert. He has the power to make hands blossom like flowers and to participate in a collective artwork where virtualities merge with the unconscious for a heart-rending journey into the depths of the mind, body and senses.


Pierre de rêve

Spectators are equipped with stereoscopic glasses. They discover a Dream Stone in relief, enlarged 200 times. One of them, equipped with a digital wand, leads an imaginary journey in 3 dimensions. Moving around the stone enlarges it and reveals its perspectives. By activating the light of the wand, it reveals its mysteries.