Mélodie Mousset (* 1981, Abu Dhabi, lives in Zurich) uses her own body to map, index and narrate a “self” that seems to be constantly metamorphosing, eluding her whenever she tries to take possession of it. Mousset is interested in the individual and collective biological, technical and cultural individuation processes that form the human body. These anthropological and philosophical inquiries take the form of videos, sculptures, installations, performances and virtual reality. Appropriating medical imaging technologies (MRI, 3D printing) for these purposes, she ties them into shamanic rites and combines them with sculptural work. Mélodie Mousset’s practice also reflects disturbing developments in the contemporary world we live in: a digital reality that tracks, records and analyses each individual’s movements, consumption behavior and even desires, thereby creating “transparent citizens”. This environment of overexposure is at odds with human bodies, which are alive, opaque, imperfect, filled with organs, psychic interiority and minds with hidden recesses abounding in imagination. As US writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus puts it, “Mousset’s associative process is so rich. She fully believes in her own imagination and the logical or alogical digressions that shape an inner life.”