Thomas Cheneseau is an artist, curator and teacher. It is with his hijackings of social networks that he begins his work by producing series of screenshots and performative activities online. In 2011 he made his mark by creating and marketing the Facebook profile of Marcel Duchamp. His research began at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and has resulted in ambitious projects. In 2012 with ARTE he curated and launched the first SuPer Art Modern Museum project, as well as curated the Transnumériques in Brussels. In 2016 the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine commissioned him to be the artistic director of the exhibition Unlike” in Poitiers, and he is an associate curator of the Festival acces)s( in 2020. He is invited as a member of the New Media jury for the OPLINEPRIZE contemporary art prize 2021 edition. He teaches visual culture and technology, as well as advanced generative AI practice at Excelia digital school.