The creation of virtual environments can enable us to rethink these sensations by giving us a different perspective on what we are experiencing, and thus open up other areas for reflection: it can invite us to reflect on our experiences in a more conscious way.

The virtual environment can imitate the real thing, but it can also completely escape its limits, as the virtual has its own codes.

What are these codes, then, and how do they enable new possible spaces to emerge?

How can we imagine the possible transitions between real and virtual environments?

And how can we consider the spectator who is immersed and interacting in these spaces, and the impact he or she feels?

Jeanne Susplugas

I will sleep when I’m dead

I will sleep when I’m dead is a dive into the brain. Visitors lose themselves in an infinite labyrinth and come across ‘thoughts’ in the form of drawings. It’s an intimate, almost psychoanalytical face-to-face encounter that introduces a unique intensity and experience.

Julien Lomet

Creative Harmony

Creative Harmony invites you to connect with yourself through letting go, connect with others through collaboration, and connect with nature through interactivity.

Jia-Rey Chang


“WonderForest is an immersive interactive VR artwork that asks the question “what is real?”. This experience provides an immersive, digitised visual/auditory environment like a new nature. As if they were walking through a forest, visitors can feel the atmosphere of nature, but with completely different environmental elements.

Chiara Passa

Time bomb the love

The original “Time Bomb the Love” animation is a digital manipulation of rockets to the beat of techno music. Image by image, the missiles are transformed into synthetic architectures known as “compression-containers”. “Time Bomb the Love” or better still: it’s time for love to explode! In the VR artwork, there are five compressed architectures that you are invited to enter by immersing yourself in five abstract 360° animations.

Arash Akbari, Farzaneh Nouri


“Infomorph” is a speculative interactive VR experience that tackles themes of reality, life and the relationship between humans, machines and nature in a post-human future where living in the physical world is no longer possible or necessary. It recounts the process of transferring the mind from the biological consciousness of one of the last humans, while an AI agent accompanies him through this transition.

Wilfried Thierry

Wonderful Life

Wonderful Life is a diptych made up of two video games presented face to face in a common space.
Both artworks offer a chance to wander
hypnotic and infinite, devoid of any objective or

Anna Pompermaier

Meet Me Halfway

Meet Me Halfway is a multi-user extended reality experience that explores the potential and implications of architecture through reality. It explores alternative meeting places and communication strategies within a phygital relational garden of encounters.

Gaël Tissot


Toposonic is an artistic project that lets you experience augmented sound reality using a mobile application and headphones or earphones. By moving around the public space, the listener/walker influences the music and text they are listening to.

Michel Bret, Grégory Jarrige

Magic Jukebox Ballet

A ballet of virtual dancers improvise to music chosen by Grégory Jarrige on a virtual jukebox.

Guillaume Faure, Cyril Laurier, Joan Sandoval


ECHO is a talking mirror. You enter a small black booth. Once you’re seated, your reflection appears. Start talking to him and after a few seconds he’ll respond using the words you said earlier. The device’s artificial intelligence ensures that the tone is harmonious within the conversation, often with an enigmatic meaning. Visitors are then free to interpret the answers and direct the course of the discussion as they see fit.

Chantal Capelli, Jean-Pierre Maillet et Philippe Madile


The tomb, the very symbol of the consciousness of having existed, is at the heart of ‘Sédiments’. Based on these ultimate objects that mark the passage of a lifetime, we present an ‘animated/inanimate/animated’ loop where the real and the virtual, the concrete and the abstract come together to invite everyone to experience the exceptional opportunity we have to live the human experience.

Antoine Birot

Dancing is in my blood

Dancing is in my blood is an installation consisting of a mechanised arm.
Antoine Birot breathes life through movement into a refined sculpture reminiscent of pantographs and other triangulated graphic and architectural systems. The articulated, programmed structure moves through the space in a delicate, sensitive way.
It is through choreographic movement that this piece takes on all its symbolic force and meaning. It gives a feeling of life and dance. It’s the beauty of gesture brought to life in a modern ballet. Movement thus becomes language.

Samuel Lepoil | Böme, Léon Denise

Vegetal Tempo

Vegetal Tempo is an interactive installation using video projection and kinect. Participants use their movements to deploy a plant jungle that gradually surrounds the dome and discover the secret it contains.

In a dialogue between wind and radioactivity, co-written with Sabrina Calvo, the augmented reality experience invites you to interact with a mutant tobacco plant trapped in an in-between world between real and virtual, and to help free it.

Elise Morin

Spring Odyssey AR

Spring Odyssey AR is a continuation of Elise Morin’s Art & Science research project, which focuses on the invisibility of radioactivity and the inaccessibility of bodies in the Red Forest of Chernobyl, one of the most radioactive areas on the planet.

In a dialogue between wind and radioactivity, co-written with Sabrina Calvo, the augmented reality experience invites you to interact with a mutant tobacco plant trapped in an in-between world between real and virtual, and to help free it.

Fannie Giguère

Le navire qui mène au ciel

Fannie Giguère creates her works with a desire to include the viewer, to get them involved and to challenge them spontaneously. She presents landscape scenes in which the viewer becomes the main character. The artist’s video installation explores the space between earth and sky through the game of swinging. The image imitating the trajectory of the swing oscillates between an amalgam of coloured geometric shapes creating animated abstract compositions, and unlikely places to be surveyed by this swinging movement.

Nataliya Velykanova, Michaël Borras alias Systaime

Webby’s Wonder World (WWW)

Webby’s Wonder World (WWW) is an artistic journey into the eccentric world of the web: an immersive, game-like experience aimed at newcomers and younger generations. The aim is to show the positive aspects of the web as well as its darker sides, to talk about the impact of our digital activities on human lives and to raise public awareness of ethical issues on the internet and in the future metaverse.