TALM Le Mans School of Fine Arts

A young foreign man has difficulty socialising and integrating into French society. His unusual vision of reality is a gift that can further isolate him or help him. In this film, the viewer switches between real spaces, recorded with a 360° camera, in which the characters move around, and virtual spaces, which describe the thoughts and subjective vision of the main character.

The painter Zoé has fallen into a chaotic ocean of time after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She tries to reconnect with the world around her by painting self-portraits, seeking to rediscover the lost fragments of her reality. Zoé struggles between her inner and outer worlds, clinging tightly to her paintbrush like a lifeline.

In this artistic project, inspired by Einstein’s theory of relativity, time, space and matter merge into an immersive experience. A portal links the real world to a virtual world where time is represented by particles in three-dimensional space.
You can explore and compare the virtual and real worlds through this portal, allowing you to reflect on the nature of the universe and our perception of time and space.

The project takes the form of a telephone with a dial from the 1960s, sitting on a desk. Lit by a lamp and placed next to an address book, the user can dial different numbers, listening to different sound tracks, each with a mood somewhere between the supernatural and the horrific.

This project involves discovering fractals through a physical interaction that forces us to remain in this virtual space where our movements react with the fractals.