Alongside the ART&VR Gallery, a Lab’ R&C section showcases the artistic diversity of the area by inviting established artists, students, researchers and collectives to take over different spaces. This dynamic allows emerging projects to be exhibited more freely, accompanying a particular theme, hybridizing different practices and opening the door to artistic exploration. This section also aims to encourage partnerships, by proposing that academic, artistic or industrial organisations take over a space, a theme and/or organise events in line with Recto VRso’s values.

Several partner universities

Since the beginning of the Recto VRso festival, several universities have invested Laval’s emblematic sites, such as the Bains-Douches and the Musée Ecole de la Perrine, to present research-creation and digital art to the general public.

This year, Lab’ R&C will be presenting works from a number of schools: Université Paris 8 Vincennes – Saint-Denis, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Beaux-Arts TALM Le Mans- Université Rennes 2, National Tsing Hua University, Université Catholique de l’Ouest – Laval.

2024 partner schools

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Jayesh Pillai – Priyanshu Thakur – Tushar Vaid
It’s the day before the exhibition. An artist’s latest sculptures…
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Body Memory

Katsuki Nogami
A VR work that reproduces the body’s memory. It captures…
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Créaction: Symbiosis

Sonya Khalfallah Riahi – John Desnoyers-Stewart
Artistic performance – An interactive work immersing 2 people in…
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Dans la Lune, le scénarimage VR feuilletable

Pasiphae Leclere
Dans la lune lets you leaf through the storyboard of…
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Dans ma tête il y a la nuit, cartographie d’un geste

Laetitia Perez
The artistic project ‘Dans ma tête il y a la…
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La Pause

Jérémy Maignan
Following on from the previous project, LA PAUSE is a…
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Le complexe du nuage

Léo Lecroq
The Cloud Complex takes you on an exploration of chaos…
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Cédric Plessiet – Kelly Mézino
Ligne is a virtual reality installation that invites viewers to…
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Alma Oskouei
‘Remember’ invites visitors to enter the story of Line, a…
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Tempo du code émergent

Michel Bret – Grégory Jarrige
Recorded video of the interactive installation. This is a real-time…
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Collectif Tomploy
Enter the mystical realm of our immersive installation, where dancing…
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The Hitchcock Experience

Rémi Sagot-Duvauroux
This VR experience plunges us into the mythical plane scene…
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