The Digital Creation Masters at Rennes 2 University

The aim of the Master’s in Digital Creation is to provide :

general training to lay the foundations for any study of the arts: aesthetics and methodology (first year only);

specialised training in the highly specific relationship between technology and the arts through the circulation of information within digital devices. The aim is to understand the contemporary particularities of the hybridisation between technologies and the arts (contemporary, experimental and popular), with the help of specialists from the Universities of Rennes 1 and Rennes 2;

training in experimental digital creation with professionals, with the aim of contributing to research through practice.

During each edition of the Recto VRso Festival, students from the Digital Creation Masters are invited to exhibit their work and thoughts in the Lab’ R&C. This year, two students will be presenting their research findings.

The Cloud Complex takes you on an exploration of chaos and poetry, in which, in a limited time, you’ll have to solve a number of enigmas to get out. Let your curiosity lead you!

La Chute is a real poster that is transformed into a virtual poster animated by the activation of the viewer, who becomes the trigger for the work. Augmented reality will allow viewers to see a sequel to the poster that is not just a still image. In the same vein, LA PAUSE is a hybrid poster project using augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Audiences will discover a new animated virtual poster, giving rise to an astonishing narrative created with the help of artificial intelligence that will totally transform the identity and character of the original poster.