““Living nature” or “Timeless nature” is a digital work that deals with the relationship between photogrammetry, images and visual arts in the passage from still life to living nature in the digital age.

“Living nature” is a virtual reality project. Equipped with a headset and controllers, the player finds himself immersed in a virtual museum in which he can observe, act, interact and react to digital works and have a singular gaming experience. Each digital work is composed of a painting of a still life in which the player will be able to dive in to discover a 3D scan of the metamorphosed still life. By crossing the painting, the player explores, in greater depth, a virtual imaginary world “off-space” and “off-time”, in the projection of the memories of the still life painting and of the author’s memories.

Therefore, “Living nature” questions our relationship with time and the image and suggests us a new approach of representation of still life both dead and alive, nature and thing, entity and object, fixed and in motion, in such a way that through the numerical, the still life turns into living nature.

The artist

Vincent Carpintero Pérez was born in 2000 at Longjumeau, Essonne, France. After two years studying in multimedia, he decided to continue his studies in the area of 3D by joining the school of Arts et Technologies de l’Image in the university of Paris 8 in Saint-Denis. During his final year degree in 2023, he made a memory research about the representation of still life in the numerical*.

His work is organized around the use of photogrammetry in art and the use of new forms of representations of still life on internet as living nature. He is nowadays working as a technical specialist in virtual production.

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