The Tarot de Marseille is a deck of cards dating back to the 15th century, traditionally used for divinatory purposes, to guide those inquiring about the future. We wonder what tomorrow’s Tarot reading could be? Our project is to create a digital Tarot de Marseille, in the form of cinematic vignettes. An alliance of past and future, Taröt 2.0 is an interactive experience where cartomancy meets digital. At a time when new technologies dominate our social interactions and dematerialization is omnipresent, the quest for the invisible is resurfacing. Digital witches, online rituals and paganism are experiencing a resurgence. This quest beyond the tangible seems to be a paradoxical reflection of our ultra-materialist world.

Taröt 2.0 is the result of a reflection on the divinatory practice of Tarot in the digital age. It takes the form of cinematic capsules of the Tarot cards, integrated into a digital cartomancy device called the “Tarötmatön”. In the intimacy of this fortune-telling booth, the machine takes on the role of fortune-teller, and accompanies the user by voice to question themselves, “past, present, future… what do you want to know?”

To start the experience, one must touch the crystal ball which sparks a light. Voices lead the way into the immersive cartomancy experience. The interactive table recognizes the cards that have been drawn and projects the associated video cards. The user can also place the talking amethyst stone to deepen his understanding of the cards.

This immersive divinatory experience invites visitors to discover this new type of Tarotmancy. Each print is a unique experience, combining the mystical tradition of Tarot with contemporary technology to create awe whilst offering a space for introspection.immersive divinatory work Taröt 2.0, a 2.0 reinterpretation of the Marseilles Tarot, where cards come to life as digital paintings.

The artists

Raphaël Sawadogo-Mas and Chloë Saint-Denis form the creative duo of Räf & Clö.

The two childhood friends unite around a shared artistic vision, where symbolism and aesthetics intertwine to reveal hidden messages and profound meanings.

Their immersive divinatory work, Taröt 2.0, is the fruit of their creative alchemy uniting a team. Together, they strive to create captivating artistic experiences. Their work transcends simple visual representation, exploring the complex distillation of technology, esotericism and ancestral traditions.

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