Dive into the virtual world and wake up your inner Water Spirit! Inside the magic circle of the nocturnal sea, two beings emerge from the waves. Share a moment of connection with another Water Spirit and release your metahuman powers!

Love Simulation EVE: Water Spirits is a 5-minute two-player virtual reality experience that grants the players telekinetic powers over sea waves. Transformed as Water Spirit avatars, the two players are taken to the otherworldly nocturnal ocean. The VR encounter is narrated and guided with the voice-over of an artificial intelligence character “GrandMother”.

The cinematic structure is divided into three acts:
1) Finding Telekinetic Powers: the Water Spirits gain the ability to control the droplets of the ocean with their hand movements.
2) Creating Love Algorithms: the Water Spirits find new ways of communication and connection as they dance with the waves. The moments of synchrony are rewarded with elevated music and beautiful Love Algorithms.
3) Drowning in the Sea of the Future: Water spirits return to their ocean home and the final Love Algorithm emerges between their hearts.

Water Spirits is designed to offer the precious moments of connection in which the everyday “real” chronicle time (“khronos-time””, as Greek called it) stops and virtual timelessness (“kairos-time”) comes into play. The micro-loving moments of synergy and shared experience can occur between friends and strangers alike.

Their live playful interactions allow them to create beautiful moments of micro-loving synergy in a way only possible with VR. The work makes invincible connections between people visible, hearable and tangible.

Water Spirits is a stand-alone VR experience produced under the full-evening long cinematic VR performance Love Simulation EVE (2023).

The artist

Eero Tiainen is a Finnish XR experience creator whose practice combines metaphysical world-building and transpersonal psychology with intimate play.

His latest productions are the cinematic VR experience Love Simulation EVE and the dyadic VR installation Water Spirits. Earlier works include fictional and documentary VR films, immersive performances and new media art installations. Tiainen supports the XR arts at the Finnish Virtual Reality Association FIVR.

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