A kinetic installation deploys its structure in space with force, in a delicate, fragile way. The creation explores all the possibilities of its environment although it is enclosed/prisoned by its own mechanical constraints/limits. The object -amechanized arm- in perfect balance, moves with inertia by the propulsion of two propellers and by imbalance.

Creation gives us the impression of being weightless.

How to defy gravity and make matter inert/a mass alive? How to magnify the lightness and fragility of structures in tension, at the limit of balance of light and movement?

How to create doubt about the perception of things and a reflection on our relation to the sensitive and to the passing of time? How do you make the movement of an element in space visible?

It is through choreographic movement that this creation takes on all its strength and meaning. Movement becomes language.

The artist

Born in Angers in 1974. After studying contemporary music, he began his artistic career as a musician on projects combining several disciplines, particularly visual arts and images. Inventive, accustomed to exploring multiple techniques and working with very diverse materials, since 2005 the artist has favored creative work around installations and performances centered on movement and symbols.

He has exhibited throughout France, Germany and Switzerland. Antoine Birot’s creations aim to make movement a medium in its own right and to liberate creation. Part of his installations are part of the expression of kinetic art, establishing a dialogue with our society.

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