In the immersive realm of “REAL TIME / VIRTUAL TIME”, Cybertime Capsule reshapes discussions on real estate and minimalism. Central to the project is the 3D scanning of cherished belongings, transforming past memories into an exploration of preservation. Leveraging VR, the artist immortalizes the past, reimagining memories in the present, and envisioning a seamless integration into a metaverse-inspired future.

Eternalizing Personal History:
Within the confined space of a childhood room, the Behavior Art segment becomes a poignant exploration of personal history. Deliberate possession reduction serves as a ritualistic act of immortalizing the past. Each 3D-scanned item symbolizes a moment, preserved eternally in the virtual realm—a tangible representation of memories converging with the present.

Living Archives Through VR:
The 3D scanning process transforms into a journey through personal history. Meticulously scanning belongings creates a digital archive breathing life into past experiences. VR production evolves beyond replication, becoming a living archive where the past dynamically intersects with the present. The VR model overlay on the bed signifies the coexistence of tangible and virtual, blurring lines between what was and what is.

Anticipating the Metaverse Essence:
The Social Media Discourse anticipates a metaverse-inspired future. Shared on social platforms, it offers a glimpse into a world where past memories seamlessly intertwine with real-time discussions on real estate and minimalism. The project’s forward- looking perspective envisions a society embracing a lifestyle inspired by the metaverse, harmonizing virtual and physical realms.

Reflection and Future Directions:
Audience feedback reflects on the project’s ability to intertwine elements of the past, present, and a visionary future. Cybertime Capsule contemplates not only the preservation of personal memories but envisions a societal shift towards a seamlessly connected existence. It becomes a bridge between the current moment and a future where elements blend harmoniously in the virtual realm.

In essence, “Cybertime Capsule: Unveiling Virtual Minimalist Living” intricately weaves the artist’s narrative, offering a unique perspective on the eternalization of personal history within the dynamic landscape of “REAL TIME / VIRTUAL TIME.”

The artist

Jiahe Zhao is an artist and social media influencer. She takes daily life as the creative field and responds to society with creative actions.

Her artwork often involves interaction with social media. She is currently a PhD student at National Tsing Hua University, focusing on the impact of virtual technology on economic institutions and daily life.

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