The concept of time, often quantified in units like hours or minutes, can be seen as virtual—a measured construct detached from the tangible reality of our daily existence. So while we attribute the passage of time to these temporal units, the subjective “feeling” of time passing is the one that resonates as real time.

French philosopher Henri Bergson introduced the notion of dual temporal dimensions—’temps’ representing scientific, rationalized time, and ‘durée’ embodying the experiential, lived aspect of time. According to Bergson, it is the latter, the duration or felt experience, that constitutes the genuine essence of time. Duration is grounded in our engagement with reality, making it authentic and substantial, while the passage of time measured in seconds or hours appears virtual as it exists beyond our direct lived encounters.

‘Temporeality’ seeks to explore a world where both ‘temp’ and ‘durée’ exist in symbiosis to influence and affect each other. In this space the passing of time is dictated by how the user interacts with the space to influence the ‘durée’ of the experience. Temporal anomalies and interactive visuals prompt contemplation on the malleability of time, creating a unique space for presence and quiet reflection.

This malleability of time is represented as an abstract wave in the experience that the audience can interact and play with. The amount of interaction and physical movement directly influences the passage of time in the virtual environment–the more the user interacts, the quicker the experience feels whereas if they stay still, the piece too slows down. A quiet metronome in the background plays the ‘temp’ as a subtle parallel between time experienced in the real world and that experienced in ‘Temporeality’. This direct influence of ‘durée’ on the passage of time makes the ‘feeling’ and ‘measure’ of time one and the same, closing the gap between what we know to be reality and virtuality.

In ‘Temporeality’ we invite our audience to contemplate on the experience of time and what it means to be truly ‘present’ in the moments that pass us by.

The artists

AKA Collective, a partnership between Artists Adam Peregovits and Kavya Satyakumar, naturally evolved from their shared perspective on technology’s impact on society.

Visually abstract, their style encourages meaningful connections between the audience, artwork, and nature. Through interactive multimedia installations, their work creates spaces for quiet reflection and contemplation. Through interactive multimedia installations, their work creates spaces for quiet reflection and contemplation.

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