Beyond Midnight is an immersive interactive experience. Between a digital sculpture and a playful immersion in the cyberspace. The installation is a set of perceptions of the project : video projection, video game and virtual reality. The goal is to propose different medium to immerse yourself in the same digital space. The video game device is placed to suggest that you are controlling the user in the virtual reality area, and the projection screen act as a physical fourth wall. T

he user encounters the installation through the projection of a video onto a semi-transparent canvas. This is the first entry into the world of the installation. This layer represents the medium of cinema: a huge projection that reveals the contents of an imaginary world.

After viewing the projection, users can begin their immersion by sitting down in front of a vintage computer to interact with an application. This layer represents the medium of the video game: an interactive device that allows users to grasp and explore a virtual world.

Finally the user can enter the digital space with a virtual reality headset. This is the third layer of the installation, which put the user in the core of the experience with an immersive interaction.

The artists

Neon Minuit is a duo of artists who use digital tools.

They capture bits and pieces of reality to stage them in their playground: the virtual world. Their artistic approach is inspired by scientific experimentation and serendipity. Using the tools of video games, they explore and experiment with new ways of perceiving reality, apprehending new spaces and creating illusions. Like modern magicians, they make pixels sing and polygons dance. Like modern magicians, they make pixels sing and polygons dance.

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