The international festival
of Immersive and Interactive Art

Recto VRso is a space of inspiration and discovery that promotes, encourages and stimulates artistic creation around the following themes immersive and interactive art, between the real and the virtual. It exhibits works by artists, researchers, students and explorers who question, in one way or another, the world around us. the medium of virtual and mixed realityshowing another VRsant in this field.

a general theme

Real time / Virtual time

The notion of real-time may has several significations depending on the context. In particular, we use it in computer science to distinguish an experience whose temporality is modeled as closely as possible on our perception of time, with an interaction that seems fluid and natural for example.

But what would virtual time be? The selected artworks have to resonate with the theme and invite the exploration of emerging expressions using virtual, augmented or mixed reality, immersive devices, interactive interfaces, robotics, multidimensional spatialization, presence effects, etc. Hybrid and transdisciplinary approaches are particularly appreciated.

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